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So you’ve decided to homeschool your child with autism, making you an Autism Homeschool Mama too! But now you’re wondering, “Can I really do this?”  Yes, you can absolutely do this!

Autism Homeschool Mama was created to help you “save the day” in your homeschool world.  Your family depends on your sacrifice and dedication to educating and loving them well.  You’re a hero on a mission mama, and you can absolutely do this!

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Homeschooling a child with Autism can be hard

We autism homeschool mamas have it rough sometimes.  If your house is anything like mine has been in the past (and some days still is), then you are battling stress in your house constantly.  Right?

Developmental delays are so difficult to handle sometimes. None of us asked for developmental delays nor expected it.  It’s one of those things that just sneaks up on you.  It’s painful to watch your kids crash and burn and social situations.  Watching them trying to make friends, and in the very next moment isolate themselves with unexpected behaviors.



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Fear and self-doubt creep in

I know that I’ve often struggled with feeling like I’m not doing enough.  Feeling like I’m not a good enough parent, I can’t do this, and nothing will ever change.  If you feel that way too, you are not alone.  It certainly doesn’t have to stay that way either!  Join the Autism Homeschool Mamas subscriber group over here and be encouraged by others like you.

Homeschooling a child with Autism (or other special needs) can be hard, but it's absolutely doable, and a major blessing! Autism Homeschool Mama is here to help you succeed!
Homeschooling a child with Autism (or other special needs) can be hard, but it’s absolutely doable, and a major blessing!

I’ve been there…

It’s what led me to become an Autism Homeschool Mama too.  I understand exactly how it feels to want to see your child have friends.  I’ve felt your fear about your child’s future.  The judgemental looks of others?  Yep.

My son started out nonverbal, and early intervention became our whole life.  I lived and breathed intervention with him.  By God’s grace, we moved through so many stages and have come so far.  My passion is to help moms like you to find the same successes.  I’m always learning with each new stage, and sharing it with you, so you can be victorious in your walk!

And now, just hang in there!

You may be starting this journey super unsure of yourself.  Maybe you have no clue what to do?

Or perhaps you’ve been around the block, but you’re just at your wit’s end and overwhelmed beyond anything you can explain?  Stick with me as I walk beside you while you homeschool your child with Autism (or other special needs).  You’ll get there!


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