I’m Jill, the 30 something* year old mommy to 2 handsome 😉 young boys, Kekito (age 9) and Danny Boy (age 7).  I am an Air Force vet, who misses working on her big beautiful plane**.  These days I’m just finding my place as a homeschool mom to 2 little men: one with Autism, the other with E.D.Q.S. (Extreme Drama Queen Syndrome)***; both of whom love to duke it out with each other on an hourly basis….. 0_0

Our shorter term goals are:
1) Social skills- they need major work.
2) Successfully homeschool these bright little minds.
3) Keeping their strong personalities (and my sanity) intact while we grow them into Godly young men.

Long term personal goals?  I plan to finish school and become high school Biology teacher.  I had long planned to work in EI, but with my son’s need to homeschool that has changed.  I’m hoping that we can mainstream together when he goes to high school and I start teaching.  I’m sure I’ll be as passionate about working and volunteering with special needs teenagers as well; I just haven’t had that opportunity yet.

Take care of you and yours!


*It goes too fast for me to keep up with and update 😉  **Big Sexy, aka KC-10’s.
***So I know that’s not an official DX, and it wasn’t intended to be insensitive! 🙂 It’s a hold over from early childhood.  Now I’m realizing there may be something there- so we are in the process of getting that figured out.