About Me

A little about me…

I’m Jill, the 30 something* year old mommy to 2 handsome 😉 young boys, K (age 9) and D (age 7).  I’m an Air Force veteran, who dearly misses working on her big beautiful plane**.  These days I’m just finding my place as a homeschool mom to 2 little men: one with Autism, the other TBD.  We’ve been homeschooling now for almost 3 years.  The thought of homeschooling terrified me initially, but now I’d never go back.

I, myself, was diagnosed with ADHD, but now suspect it’s actually a combo with very mild Autism after raising my son and learning all I’ve learned.  School was awful, and I hated the word potential.  Every standardized test simply got me a good round of, “See, you’re smart, you just don’t apply yourself.”  After I learned about my brain differences and how to work with them, it was life-altering.  I’m excited to give my boys the chance to work with their brains instead of against!

My adorable little goobers… 🙂 If you can’t tell by the shirts, my husband is from Texas and I’m from California.  Always representing equally! lol
This is me doing maintenance on top of my plane in UAE.

I’m originally from the California bay area, but military life has also brought me to live in New Jersey, Hawai’i, and now Nevada.  I’m guessing I don’t have to tell you which was my favorite?! 😉  I met my husband while on deployment in Al Dhafra, UAE.  We were both aircraft mechanics at the time.  We quickly married and will be celebrating 11 years in 2018.

My husband remained in the military for a career term (we’ve only got a few years left) and is currently a special missions aviator.  I was a bit scared when he chose to move into this career field, but I know it’s all in God’s hands.  I’m very proud to be living with my own hero. <3  The only tricky thing is adjusting to and from deployments and worrying about how my boys will handle any big changes.  If you’re curious what exactly a Special Missions Aviator is, you can watch this video for a better idea.

This is the Mister. 🙂

Our Goals

Our shorter term goals are:
1) Strengthening social-emotional skills.
2) Successfully homeschooling these bright little minds.
3) Keeping their strong personalities (and my sanity) intact while we grow them into Godly young men.

Long-term personal goals?   I had long planned to work in Early Intervention.  For a couple years I was going to college full time to obtain a teaching degree w/a special education certification, but with my son’s need to homeschool, that all quickly changed.  I’m thinking we’ll be homeschooling through high school, but only God knows.  With that new objective in mind, and a military retirement rapidly approaching, it looks like my studies will shift to online college and working as a virtual assistant to help us transition.

Since becoming an Autism mama

I’ve always had it on my heart to help special needs families.  I’m learning now that it may not always look like I had expected, but I’m so glad to be able to still do a bit of that here!  My ultimate dream is to work with special needs children on mission trips when we’re “for real” retired.  The lack of resources for some countries is astounding.  If I can get there sooner, that would be awesome too!



*It goes too fast for me to keep up with and update 😉  **KC-10’s, aka “Big Sexy”.

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