Bullying Prevention Books on Epic! – Review of My Top Picks

How do you teach your children about bullying? These 11 bullying prevention books and education on the topic are an integral part of our homeschool plan!  Special Needs Homeschool | Autism Bullying | Books about Bullying

Bullying Prevention Books are a part of our homeschool

How do you teach your children about bullying?  Last week I opened up and shared our bullying story with you for National Bullying Prevention Month. It’s a very important topic for our society as a whole, but it especially hits close to home for us. Because we dealt with bullying for some time, we are still dealing with the repercussions.  These bullying prevention books and education on the topic are an integral part of our homeschool!

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I love the variety of these books, from my favorite reading service – Epic! They teach about bullying from a variety of viewpoints and to different ages. Some point out that bullies don’t always know that they’re bullying,  and that bullies may need help or friends themselves.  Additionally, they encourage children to evaluate their own behaviors. Below you’ll find my favorite books on the topic, grouped by age range.

Age 4-6

  • Willow Finds a Way by Lana Button

What I like about this book:
-This is a “read to me” book, great for learning readers.
-Addresses the age old, “You’re not invited to my birthday party,” issue.
-In the end, the children stand up to the bully, but also befriend the bully.

Age 5-7

  • Chester and the Big Bad Bully by Audrey Penn

What I like about this book:
– Shows an exaggeration about the bully from the victims. This provides a good opportunity to discuss whether or not things are as bad as they think they are.
– Explains why people may be bullies.
– Uses sweet metaphor to explain how the victims can work together to change and help the bully.

  • Are You a Bully? by Sam Williams

What I love about this book:
-Dash this is another “read to me” book; good for struggling readers.
-Simple no-frills text and pictures for children who are easily overwhelmed visually.
-Reviews what are some types of bullying and how to manage.

Age 6-8

  • How to Deal with Bullies Superhero Style by Wiley Blevins

What I love about this book:
-The superhero theme is fun for most little kids.
-The protagonist of the story is standing up for kids being bullied rather than remaining a by-stander.
-Multicultural characters.

  • The On-again Off-again Friend by Wiley Blevins

What I love about this book:
-The protagonist’s main caregiver shown in the story is her Nana.
-Addresses the fact that sometimes friendships change.
-Teaches children they can make new friends and move on.

  • Bears Bad Day by Wiley Blevins

What I love about this book:
-Explains that some kids don’t even realize they’re bullying.
-Points out that some bullies are actually wishing they had friends.
-Models a way for bullies to make amends and turn a new leaf.

Age 7-9

  • How Can I Deal with Bullying? A Book About Respect by Sandy Donovan

What I love about this book:
-More in depth for kids who are a little bit older, and can handle more information.
-Addresses what is bullying and what is not (and what to do about it). Related: Is it Bullying?
-At the end of the book, there is a stand up to bullying pledge to read and sign.

Age 8-10

  • Digital Safety Smarts: preventing cyber bullying by Mary Lindeen

What I love about this book:
-Covers what is cyber bullying, why does bullying happen, the effects of cyber bullying, and what to do about it.
-Links to additional website resources at the end of the book.
-Also gives great detail about how to stop cyber bullying.

Age 10-12

  • Physical Bullying by Jennifer Rivkin
  • Cyber Bullying by Rachel Stuckey
  • Social Bullying by Margaret Webb

What I love about these 3 books from Crabtree publishing:
-They are a very deep dive on the subject matter.
-They discussed the fact that adults can also be bullies.
-Suitable graphics and format for this age range; not cutesy.



Your Turn: Do you have any bullying prevention books which you’d also recommend?

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