Creative Writing for your Non-Writer

Neither of my boys are writers... yet! Getting them to write is basically like pulling teeth...  Read on for our homeschooling game changer.

Neither of my boys are writers…

Yet! Getting them to write is basically like pulling teeth…  When my friend Jenny posted a link to her son’s Minecraft story, I wondered if it might inspire my oldest son to do some writing.  Have you got a writer that fight you at every turn?  Read on for a game changer!

He’s always liked writing out his own little comics, but getting him to pre-plan, type, or edit anything was always a non-starter.  Seeing a published story from a peer lit a fire under his but and excited him to no end.

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But now he’s a budding comic book author

He spent the whole next week working on this project (even after school work) and wants to share it with the world!  If you have a chance, or a writer it may inspire, please feel free to download it and leave feedback in the comments.  It’ll make his day! 😉 Here you go: Sonic at Green Hill Zone
Update: He now maps out his stories- plots, settings, characters.  He pays attention to the inciting incident, climax, and resolution, etc…  It’s adorable and it makes my heart soar to see.  Little brother is also beginning to be inspired a bit by witnessing the transformation.

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Creative writing with the Brave Writer lifestyle

I later found out that this is all thanks to Brave Writer.  Let me tell you, this is sheer awesomeness right here.  Brave Writer is all about developing a growth mindset, flexibility in their practices, and making writing fun.  Julie, the creator, is a hoot to watch on her live videos.  She has them frequently, which means she is super accessible if you have questions.

Brave Writer is made to work with your child rather than to force them into a box or worksheet.  Even better, it’s easy to find something that you can adapt for the whole family.  This keeps things more simple and costs low.  Yay!  Who doesn’t like that!?

Neither of my boys are writers... yet! Getting them to write is basically like pulling teeth...  Read on for our homeschooling creative writing game changer.

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