8 exciting benefits of digital curriculum for special needs kids

Do you use Digital curriculum? We use it and love it! The flexibility is awesome. Come see the 8 exciting benefits of putting it to use in your homeschool.

I’ve found the perfect digital curriculum!

Just kidding… there’s no such thing as the perfect digital curriculum (or pre-printed for that matter)! 😉  There are, however, many good reasons to consider using more digital curriculum in your homeschool.  We use primarily digital curriculum in our homeschool and it has served us well!

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1) Switching is easy

I’ve shared before about my son liking some sort of curriculum only to just up and hate it out of nowhere.  I was leery of ordering sets of curriculum or even piecing them together because I knew there was a high likelihood of him just stopping his progress completely.

Sticking with mostly digital curriculum has saved me countless hours scouring used curriculum groups for deals on used resources. Having an immediate download is also a game changer- no waiting for a curriculum to which he’s responding better!

2) The savings are huge

Besides the ease of finding digital curriculum, I’ve saved a ton of money on shipping items and trying to re-sell items that didn’t work for us.  There were a few items I bought (or tried to buy) from re-sell sites on Facebook and Educents.   I’d always be bummed when I realized shipping would drastically change the price…

Do you use Digital curriculum? We use it and love it! The flexibility is awesome. Come see the 8 exciting benefits of putting it to use in your homeschool.

3) Use only what you need

The sight of a year’s worth of work overwhelms many kids.  Digital curriculum can help smooth out that problem by enabling you to only handing them the pages you’ve printed for the day.  If you only need parts of the curriculum, it also seems like far less of a waste.  Less paper used, less book you’re paying for and not using.

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4) It may be more engaging

With today’s printables, your options range from interactive notebooks to movie studies.  Both options are much more fun, in my opinion than straight reading from textbooks and worksheets.  Add in curriculum like Time for Learning, and you’re all set.

5) Environmentally friendly

As I mentioned in point number 3, you only print what you use.  So, of course, there’s that, however, you can even use digital curriculum paperlessly.  I’ve seen many homeschooling families use PDFs in PDF viewers, allowing kids to write on them with a digital stylus.  This may work better for older kids, in my opinion, however, it’s a benefit I’m loving!

Do you use Digital curriculum? We use it and love it! The flexibility is awesome. Come see the 8 exciting benefits of putting it to use in your homeschool.
We love the flexibility of digital curriculum!

6) Up to date

Digital resources are refreshed and renewed often.  Things change quickly in the world.  New resources are created every day.  Something big happened in the world?  I bet you can find a reading comprehension worksheet on NewsELA within the day.

7) Super Space Saver

Then there’s the common issue of space.  We like to keep as empty a house as possible.  Overwhelm is minimal when there’s less stuff to straighten or dust.  Tiny living spaces, or a large family?  Physical books and resources quickly overtake the home.  We keep a small cabinet of schooling resources, adding and removing as needed.

8) Re-use with all the kids

And finally, this.  This is my favorite part of digital curriculum!  After you purchase it, it’s yours.  You can print, and re-print forever.  No matter how many kids, no matter how many years, it’s yours anew each year!  I’m coming up on my first repeated year this next year and I am doing a major happy dance thinking of the savings.


Your turn:  Do you use digital curriculum at all?  Why or why not?  Any reasons I missed?

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Author: Jill C

Jill is a Christian, homeschooler, "boy mom", and special needs parent. Jill has ADHD and has learned firsthand how adapting environments can be key to finding success! Her current mission is to empower parents whose desire is to homeschool their special needs children and helping them squash their self-doubt!

6 thoughts on “8 exciting benefits of digital curriculum for special needs kids”

    1. I use a ton of resources from Build Your Bundle (an annual sale in May) and Teacherspayteachers.com. We also use a lot of YouTube and for science we use http://www.mysteryscience.com. The local library may also be of great help- we “check out” a ton of digital books. My library allows us to request they purchase books as well!
      Another option is Epic! or Amazon kindle unlimited. I prefer Epic! for them and unlimited for me since Epic! is totally kid-safe. You have to be cautious putting the kids on Kindle. These are my top go-to sources for digital resources.

      For large families, I recommend Schoolhouse teachers https://schoolhouseteachers.com/dap/a/?a=42055&p=www.schoolhouseteachers.com/teachers/history-geography-and-social-studies/strengthening-behavioral-social-skills-lessons/ (referral). You have access to a ton of lessons from pre-k-12 for one flat annual fee (not per student). We’ve used them for art, Spanish, and unit studies. It also includes access to the World Book Library.

  1. Hello! I am a new follower and I appreciate all of your posts! Could you point me in the right direction to find the digital curriculum you speak of? I’m also a new homeschooler and was wondering what you do about end of year testing? Where do you go for the tests and how do you make sure they are adapted to your child’s needs? Homeschool End of year testing has been something I’ve struggled to find a lot of information onso any insight you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your kind words; I am so happy you’re spending time here and I can be of any help at all!

      There area few options as far as digital curriculum. Time for Learning is really popular with homeschoolers and is computer based. I haven’t tried it yet, but will be trying it in the new year. It’s completely digital based.

      We use mostly digital downloads from the annual Build Your Bundle sale, Teacherspayteachers.com, Schoolhouse Teachers, and homeschool blogs. Teacher’s notebook has items similar to what teachers pay teachers offers. Some of the curriculum choices you would find on Christian bookstore (or similar) off digital options as well as hardcover options. We also use http://www.mysteryscience.com for our science lessons.

      So how you would define digital curriculum can depend from person to person. Those are my go-to sources though!

      As for testing, it’s not required in my state, so I don’t do it. I would ask your school district about the testing. If your child is noramally eligible for an IEP or 504, my understanding is you can still request/have one which would include the testing at the end of the year. If your state requires it, I think there are also people that are certified to proctor them. You may try googling “your state or county + Homeschool + end of year testing (or state testing)”.

    1. Hi Shay, Thanks for the question. You may want to stop over at this post: https://autismhomeschoolmama.com/reluctant-reader/

      My younger son was a struggling reader, while my oldest was hyperlexic… so it was totally new to me. We actually moved beyond it without any additional curriculum. We spent a lot of time reading fun books and (more than anything) practicing blending letters together. Of course, the cause of late reading is going to affect the solution you need.

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about these programs though:

      All about reading (from all about learning press) – https://www.allaboutlearningpress.net/go.php?id=1487 (referral) I would recommend this one first.
      Reading Eggs – https://readingeggs.com/ I have no personal experience with this one but see if recommended often by users.
      ABC Mouse – https://www.abcmouse.com/ I’ve used ABC mouse with my son, but it wasn’t a great fit for us. I’ve heard many other families love it, so I think it really depends on your needs and style.

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