Make learning fun with an easy ancient Greece unit study

This month we shook things up with an  ancient Greece unit study

We’ve used unit studies before from Techie Homeschool Mom (Beth), but when I decided I wanted to review her Ancient Greece unit study, we put it front and center.  It was the first time I was bold enough to put most of our work off to the side and focus, almost exclusively, on a unit study.

It was so freeing!  I have to say I’m pretty hooked and will be doing this more often.  When we approach burnout points, I’ll “take a break” by using primarily a unit study.

And guess what…  Beth has generously offered a free copy of her Ancient Greek Unit Study on Teachable for my review and for one of my readers to win!   Entry in the raffle will also subscribe you to both of our email lists, so if you already subscribe, make sure to use the same email address to avoid getting duplicate emails!  Beth will select and announce the winner soon after the contest ends (Monday night). Read on for videos and the entry form.

I use affiliate links to cover the associated costs of providing this website. I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support of AHM, it means the world to me!  A free copy of Techie Homeschool Mom’s ancient Greece unit study was provided to me complimentarily for the purposes of this review.

What I loved about this  ancient Greece unit study

  • I loved that I didn’t have to print out any papers for daily use.  No keeping things organized and separated by child.
  • My boys were able to work together on this daily!  This meant less battling for my time to help.  We did everything together.   With regular work, we have to stagger “helping time” with independent work.  That, of course, doesn’t always work out well.
  • There were fun projects that my kids loved, and I was pretty impressed by, honestly.
  • I had to do basically zero prep.  There were some activities I could have done, but I skipped them.  We didn’t have the materials on hand at the moment, and it was all good.  The learning we did stood strong enough on its own.  I bought a few supplies for some items and just enjoyed the process!
  • Could I do my own unit study?  Yeah…  but how many hours would I put into finding and vetting the learning material?  Then organizing and implementing it in a coherent matter?  No thanks.  You have a lot more to do with your time right?!
  • My boys had a blast and even learned a bit about some tech skills!
  • If your child has different abilities across different subjects, this is easy to make work.

Are you planning to study Ancient Greece? Check out my Ancient Greece Unit Study Review and enter for a chance to win your own copy!

Who would I recommend the Ancient Greece Unit Study for?

  • I would recommend it for families who have children who learn better with hands-on activity and less book-work.
  • For independent learners, families with children old enough to read to younger siblings and be trusted with a computer if you’re looking for a curriculum which gives you more free time.
  • If you’ve got time to devote, you can use this with almost any age.  I’d say around 6 years and up.  I read to my boys on the big screen (they read some too) and we would be done with each day within the space of about 3-4 hours (our typical length of a homeschool day).
  • Families with multiple ages of kids- this was a sanity saver from this perspective.  We did a lot of discussing around the topics, which really made it work for all ages.
  • Parents who want to familiarize their children with online learning.
  • Year-round homeschoolers who are needing a bit of a break
  • Families dealing with chronic illness or limited homeschooling space.

Want to sneak a peak?

Now, here’s a screen capture of me walking through my dashboard so you can see the layout of things.  Obviously, it’s not mine to show all the bells and whistles, so it’s just a brief overview of how to get around in it, things I like about it, and the one or two little things I’d change (they’re teeny).  If you’d like to really get an in-depth look, you can sign up for the Chinese New Year free unit study.

We made a ton of cool projects, and I put together this video so you could see.  We had crafts, activities, and a presentation that really wowed dad.    The presentation, or digital scrapbook, we made as a team used the info they thought was most important each day.


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