Friday Freebie: b&d Letter Reversals

If you've got a child struggling with letter reversals, hopefully these free 16 pages of worksheets will be a blessing to you too!

New letter reversals printables are ready for you to download!

I created a new set of printables for my son, who sometimes struggles with letter reversals.  If you’ve got a child struggling with letter reversals, hopefully, this will be a blessing to you too!  Are you already a newsletter subscriber?  Then you already have the password and can download it in the freebies section!  If you are new around here, use the subscribe form to the right to receive access to your password for all the freebies in the freebie section.
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This freebie has 16 pages of activities for the letters b and d.  Most of the pages are in black and white to save money, however, there are also two pages in color.  These will still look fine to use if you need to print them in black and white of course!

If you've got a child struggling with letter reversals, hopefully these free 16 pages of worksheets will be a blessing to you too!


Keep your eyes peeled for more similar resources down the road.  Of course, I’d also love for you to please share this link (not your download) with anyone that you know would be blessed by this resource.  This will help me to be able to continue devoting my time and resources to this website whole-heartedly as opposed to here and there!


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Download b&d letter reversals


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