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Keeping track of your goals increases your chances of succeeding with your fitness goals. Use this tracker to help you do just that! I prefer these paper versions so I don’t get distracted by my phone! =)

I notice that I am also less likely to add a daily indulgence when I have to write it down. This is where the Fitness tracker freebie comes in!

A new “fitness tracker” freebie to help you stay in shape:

Earlier this week I wrote a post suggesting several ways to try to stay in shape as a homeschooling and/or work at home mom.  It’s tough to fit it all in for sure, but another thing that helps is adding a fitness/food diary.
As Kristen Kirkpatrick mentions in her fitness article, we can sometimes be fooling ourselves with how much we are eating. We are on the go and tend to forget what we ate and when.  Dessert time rolls around and we think, “I’ve been pretty good!”  We may actually be forgetting the extra calories we treated ourselves to at lunch.
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I notice that I am also less likely to add a daily indulgence when I have to write it down.  Just the idea of writing down “chili cheese fries” makes me think twice before shoveling them in!  On the flip side, seeing how well I’ve done all week helps me to feel so much better about a treat here and there.

I like to use a paper version over digital apps.  Having ADHD, I tend to get distracted easily when I go to track on my phone.  I end up forgetting altogether or wasting a good 20 minutes each time.  You can grab a free copy of my tracker by subscribing from the form above!

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