Learn a new language: self-care for your brain

Have you ever tried to learn a new language? If you haven't now's the time! The internet makes it so easy. Check out this post for more info!

Have you ever tried to learn a new language?

If you haven’t tried to learn a new language, you should!  There are so many benefits when you learn a new language,  including some awesome brain benefits.  Beyond that though, you may also get an emotional boost as you see yourself accomplish more and more with your efforts.  The more I am able to speak and understand conversations around me, my heart rejoices.

A few years ago, I started learning Spanish for a few reasons…

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My in-laws’ first language is Spanish.  As much as they try to remember I’m a native English speaker, it’s easy to forget.  I’m under no misconception that they should all be the ones to bend to my needs, so it’s always been on my to-do list.

Have you ever tried to learn a new language? If you haven't now's the time! The internet makes it so easy. Check out this post for more info!

Learn a new language for missionary work

As time has gone on, I’ve become more and more eager to do missionary work.  I’d love to get to work with special needs children who have little to nothing in the way of services.  It’s something that weighs heavy on my heart.

The more I consider it, the more I realize it’s important to start preparing.  I won’t be able to do mission trips for a good while likely, but I can sure work on my Spanish fluency!

How to do this for free

I’ve been using Duolingo and loving it.  A few years ago, there were some things about it I didn’t love and I took a break for a while.  I started doing it “full time” again a little over a year ago and they’ve made some incredible improvements.  I’m closing in on almost 3,000 words learned now.  If you’ve never tried Duolingo, or it’s been a while check it out today!

Another nifty tool is Google Translate.  I use it with the boys when I’m looking up things they want to know as well as for written pages.  The app will scan the written or typed language and translate it for you!  YouTube and podcasts also offer tons of help to learn a new language!

I always say how mixed my feelings are about internet and technology.  These apps are awesome examples of the sweet in bitter-sweet!  Take advantage of it!

Your Turn:  Do you speak a second language?  How did you learn?

If not, which language would you like to learn?


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