Motivating Your Kid to Complete Work Part 3

Every kid loves a treasure chest

…and every kid could use extra low stakes practice with handling and saving “money.”  One of the boys’ favorite motivators is our treasure chest and Space Bucks.

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I keep a locked file box of little dollar tree and dollar spot treasures and some of the Space Bucks I made for our classroom.  We use dot stickers to color code the price onto items, and we laminate our Bucks for longer use!  They are always able to muster up a little extra oomph when fizzling out on an assignment after being reminded that hard work earns Space Bucks.  As they get even closer to their saving goal for bigger prizes, they are on the edges of their seats!  Even though we are using pretend money, this is a great exercise to help them practice delayed gratification.  It also reinforces that working hard and earning towards what they want is within their power and control.

Let me know, in the comments, if you have tried any of these tips and how they have worked for your family!  Looking forward to hearing about it!


If you don’t already have Monopoly money or anything similar, the space bucks are available for download at my store.



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Author: Jill C

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