Emotion Puzzle Match-Up


This is an ideal social skills sorting activity for hands on learners.  Help your child to discern the emotions from someone’s choice of words.


Use Emotions Puzzle Match up to practice the skill of decoding the emotion hidden within in other people's words and phrases.

Emotions Puzzle Match-Up sorting activity

Emotions Puzzle Match-Up is a resource to help your child to practice the skill of decoding the emotion in other people’s words.  This is an ideal resource for children who are hands-on learners. I recommend laminating these pieces for ease of use and durability. Alternatively, you could cut the pieces and use them as a gluing activity.

***This is included in the big bundle ***

In this packet you will find:
•12 Emotion puzzles (7 emotions) split into 6 male & 6 female faces.
-Bored -Shocked -Scared -Sad -Happy -Angry -Jealous
•30 more word puzzle pieces to decode emotion from.
•72 sets of “fill in your own” puzzles split into 3 male and 3 female options.
-Bored -Shocked -Scared -Sad -Happy -Angry -Jealous -Surprised
-Lonely -Tired -Disgusted -Anxious

•A Puzzle Map to assemble pieces on.

How to Use (There are a few options here, depending on the needs of your child):
•Give just a few broken up puzzles to be re-assembled.
•Use the Puzzle Map to attach a whole set of pieces with Velcro dots or for cutting/gluing to practice fine motor skills.
•Have your child find all of the phrases that could match a certain face/emotion.
•Pick a set of puzzles with a profile your child can identify with, and have them draw/write in their own facial expression and phrase (You could also use the pre-printed phrases with these ones as well of course).


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