Homeschool gardening worksheets



Are you ready for some fun in your homeschool?  Add the Homeschool Gardening worksheets for a great price and know that your kids are getting the most out of their gardening experience.

You can hope they’re learning, you can make your own worksheets, or you can save time and stress with a quick and easy download!  This resource is 26 page- 13 in full color, and 13 in black and white for only $4!

What’s included?

  • Copywork with related definitions
  • Instructions for an experiment + related worksheets
  •  Data trackers
  • Observe and draw your plant(s) daily

Want to learn more about gardening on a budget?  Check out How to Add Homeschool Gardening on a Budget.

If you're looking to add something fun, yet effective for your homeschool, consider adding these homeschool gardening worksheets- easy for you and you can rest easy knowing you're making the most of the experience!



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