DefCon Level Worksheets – identify your problem size



help kids understand problem size

Looking for a way to help your kids understand their problem size? Are any of your kids struggling to understand problem size or appropriately match the size of their reaction appropriately? Bored with your current resources because they’re so “uncool”?

***This is included in the big bundle and the worksheets bundle***

DefCon Level Worksheets help children identify problem size

At 20 pages, this resource has a variety of ways to help your kids develop their ability to evaluate problem size.  They’ll have an introduction to identifying problem size and why it’s important.  Next, they’ll get to answer yes or no questions based on each level of problem, identify the level of examples.  Last, they’ll utilize flashcards to answer examples of your own.  This is valuable, as you can take what they’ve learned and make it even more relatable to their specific daily struggles.

***Please note: The examples on the worksheets exactly match the examples in the DefCon Decisions game.  This reinforces what’s been learned.  Additionally, this includes examples that are possibly traumatic for some kids.  This is because this resource is meant to help children identify all levels of problems.  Please use your best discretion and review all materials before use.***

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