Behavior & Social Skills Activities Mega Bundle

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A Growing Social skills activities bundle

If your experience is anything like mine, or so many other moms I hear from, you’re struggling to help your child with social-emotional skills and looking for easy social skills activities that can help.

Their behavior is made more complicated by their diagnosis, and community outings, as time goes on, become more and more impossible. Side eye glances and horrified looks following every outburst by your child who no longer passes for just a cranky toddler…

Are you sick of feeling judged by others, but not knowing what in the world to try? Talking until you’re blue in the face, and feeling frustrated like, “Why can’t we figure this out? What am I doing wrong?” I’ve been there. Some days I’m still there – it’s a long road! I’m there far less often, however, and I’m so relieved having a social skills toolbox.

The Behavior & Social Skills Bundle is for you if you're looking for an easy social skills activities, games, and worksheets to help your child thrive socially & emotionally!

Tell me why I should purchase this bundle of social skills activities?

This bundle’s resources will help your kids learn and think about emotions, social skills, relationships, and behavior. The behavior & social skills games, worksheets, and activities in this bundle can be used to help them identify their own feelings as well as actions to adapt to their situations. They can begin to think about their actions and the feelings of others in a way that makes sense.

Rather than talking and lecturing to no end, with nowhere to anchor it in their memory, you can use these tools in the bundle to start moving the needle! Social skills games and activities provide fun, hands-on learning experiences around which to anchor the things they learn. For visual learners, worksheets give more substance to the conversation. When they have something now anchored in their memory, you have something to refer back to.

Making new behavior patterns, laying down new myelin in the brain, takes time and practice. With this bundle, you’ll have ample opportunity to do that!  Now, when you have missteps in real life, you can refer back to these tools, “Remember when we played that game and you learned…” Reinforce these new pathways every chance you get!

Still have reservations about adding behavior and social skills activities to your day?

I know it can seem daunting adding more things to your day.  “Do I really need to add special social skills activities?!”  We are SO very busy.  I believe that this is a crucial area of learning and practicing for our kids.  Some experts, like Daniel Goleman, believe it is more important to success than IQ.

Think about it for just a second, if you’re preparing your child for anything and everything academically, but fail to prepare them to survive and thrive in a workspace, what good is it really?  I think that social-emotional learning should be the very foundation upon which we build all other endeavors!

Imagine the peace of less conflict in social situations and knowing that you are strengthening all their future relationships; not to mention the relief in your home life as you work on it!

So What’s Included?

→ I Can Be A Superhero! Social Situations task cards
→ Making Faces Worksheets for identifying and managing emotions
→ Emotion Match-Up Match facial expressions to phrases
→ Stop, Think, then Go! A game to talk about impulse control
→ My Daily Growth Mindset Journal Develop a growth mindset
→ Let’s Talk About Feelings dominoes game A fun way to talk about feelings and work on empathy
→ Editable Reward Coupons / Electronic Time Management Manage iPad time
→ Facial Expressions Bingo Game Identify facial expressions while playing bingo
→ Be a Flexible Thinker! Practice Flexible thinking!
→ Student Information Sheets At-a-glace info for students
→ Going to a Funeral or Memorial A social story
→ What Can We Talk About? Practice picking appropriate topics for conversation
→ Grumpy Young Man An Old Maid style game to practice familiarize with facial expressions
→ I Have Who Has? Emotions edition An emotion version of the popular I have, who has? game
→ Going to the Dentist Social Story A booklet about what to expect + worksheets.
→ Editable Spring Break Social Skills Challenge A bingo challenge to send home over spring break to help keep skills sharp!
→ Read the Situation Practice “reading the room”
→ Ice Cream Social A Summer social skills activity
→ Match the Sentence Discerning emotions from visual clues
→ Is it Bullying? A game to identify bullying
→ Stuff the Box An empathy sorting activity
→ DefCon Level Worksheets Practice identifying severity of problems
→ Defcon Decisions Game Fun way to practice identifying seriousness of problems


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