Behavior & Social Skills Bundle

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A Growing Social skills bundle

This bundle’s resources will help your students learn and think about emotions, social skills, relationships, and behavior. The resources in this bundle can be used to help your student identify their own feelings as well as actions to adapt to their situations.

This bundle is currently 22 resources large and growing! (up to the file size limit) Why not save 35% off by purchasing the whole bundle?! This resource will expand as I add new behavior and social skills products to my store. Don’t wait to make your purchase – buying the bundle now ensures you receive any new updates free!  Simply check back and re-download.

What’s Included?

→ I Can Be A Superhero! Social Situations task cards
→ Making Faces Worksheets for identifying and managing emotions
→ Emotion Match-Up Match facial expressions to phrases
→ Stop, Think, then Go! A game to talk about impulse control
→ My Daily Growth Mindset Journal Develop a growth mindset
→ Let’s Talk About Feelings dominoes game A fun way to talk about feelings and work on empathy
→ Editable Reward Coupons / Electronic Time Management Manage iPad time
→ Facial Expressions Bingo Game Identify facial expressions while playing bingo
→ Be a Flexible Thinker! Practice Flexible thinking!
→ Student Information Sheets At-a-glace info for students
→ Going to a Funeral or Memorial A social story
→ What Can We Talk About? Practice picking appropriate topics for conversation
→ Grumpy Young Man An Old Maid style game to practice familiarize with facial expressions
→ I Have Who Has? Emotions edition An emotion version of the popular I have, who has? game
→ Going to the Dentist Social Story A booklet about what to expect + worksheets.
→ Editable Spring Break Social Skills Challenge A bingo challenge to send home over spring break to help keep skills sharp!
→ Read the Situation Practice “reading the room”
→ Ice Cream Social A Summer social skills activity
→ Match the Sentence Discerning emotions from visual clues
→ Is it Bullying? A game to identify bullying
→ Stuff the Box An empathy sorting activity
→ How to React Worksheets to discern what is happening and how to react


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