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Social skills games make learning more fun!

This bundle’s social skills games will be a fun way to help your kids practice and/or learn about emotions, social skills, relationships, and behavior. The resources in this bundle can be used to help your child identify their own feelings as well as brainstorm how to adapt to their struggles.

This bundle is currently 6 resources large and growing! Why not save 25% off by purchasing the whole bundle?! This resource will expand (up to the file size limit as I add new social skills products to my store. Don’t wait to make your purchase – buying the bundle now ensures you receive any new updates free, just check back for updates!

Using social skills games makes learning more fun! Grab the bundle and save a bundle too! Great for a wide range of ages, and easy to use.

What’s included in this social skills games bundle?

Included in Stop, Think, then GO!
• An 8.5″x11″ full-color game board.
• Instructions, game pawns, and a paper die in case you don’t have any dice to spare!
• 30 Stop &Think cards filled with examples of daily situations requiring self-control and social grace.

Included in Let’s Talk About Feelings
•30 colorful domino style tiles featuring full body expressions.

Included in Facial Expressions Bingo
•24 different bingo cards
•60 different faces used.
•60 slips for the caller to call out from

Included in Grumpy Young Man
• 19 Playing cards with expressions

Included in “I Have, Who Has?”
•30 Color cards
•30 Black and white cards

Included in Is it Bullying?
• A full-color game board.
• Instructions, game pawns, and a paper die in case you don’t have any dice or pawns to spare!
• 30 Is it Bullying? cards filled with examples.

Included in DefCon Decisions
• 11×17 gameboard
• 8.5×11 gameboard
• Printable pawns/dice
• 40 situation cards

If you live outside the U.S. you can purchase the bundle here.


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