Social Skills Worksheets Bundle

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Need Social Skills Worksheets?

The social skills worksheet bundle’s resources will help your kids manage and identify their emotions and the emotions of others. They’ll be developing their social skills by thinking about relationships, their behavior, and making inferences. The resources in this bundle can be used to help your kids identify their own feelings as well as plan action steps to adapt to their situations.

This bundle is currently 8 resources large and growing! Why not save 25% off by purchasing the whole bundle?! This resource will expand as I add new behavior and social skills products to my store. Don’t wait to make your purchase – buying the bundle now ensures you receive any new updates free!

Included in Making Faces
• 10 “Find the Face” scenarios
• 15 “Feeling ________” sheets
• 4 Cut & Paste “Emotion Match Up” sheets
• 6 “Today I am Feeling” profiles- 3 male, 3 female

Included in I Can Be a Superhero!
• 24 Task cards, printable in B&W and color
• Blank/Write-in task cards, printable in B&W and color
• 3 styles of answer sheets, printable in B&W

Included in Be a Flexible Thinker!
20 printable worksheets:
•to practice flexible thinking
•identify negative reactions
•discern between flexible and inflexible
•identify how flexibility is helpful
•identify how rigid thinking holds us back
•create a flexibility action plan

Included in Student Information Sheets
At a glance info & personal responsibility/action plan
•2 “Things to know about” sheets:
1 male, 1 female
•14 “How am I feeling today?” sheets:
7 female: 6 w/motivational quotes, 1 w/out
7 male: 6 w/motivational quotes, 1 w/out

Included in What Can We Talk About
• 5 male faces worksheets
• 5 female faces worksheets

Included in Reading the Situation
• 12 B&W no prep worksheets
• 4 “How will they react?” worksheets- cut & paste the appropriate face/conversation bubble. Space included to write in why they chose their selection.
• 4 “How will they react?” worksheets- cut & paste the appropriate conversation bubble. Space included to write in why they chose their selection and what could have been done differently.
• 4 “What are they saying?” worksheets- Look at the frame and write in their own conversation that matches the emotion set.

Included in Ice Cream Social
• Invitations in B&W and color
• “Data collection” sheets to track favorite ice cream in B&W and color
• Single page instructions/tips for students

Included in Match the Sentence
• 10 color pages with a variety of emotions.
• 10 sentences strips

How to React
• 10 Black and white printable worksheets

If you live outside the U.S. you can purchase the bundle here.


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