DefCon Decisions – a game to help kids understand problem size



So, are you looking for a way to help kids understand problem size?

Are any of your kids struggling to understand problem size and match the size of their reaction appropriately? Are they bored with your current resources because they’re “not cool”?

***This is included in the big bundle and the games bundle***

DefCon Decisions is a game that will help you overcome those obstacles!

This printable game comes with an 8.5″ x 11″ printable board, as well as an 11″ x 17″ board.  If you don’t have a printer able to handle that job,  UPS or  FedEx print and laminate it for you!

Kids practice identifying the size of problems on the game cards and come up with a solution as well as their own examples from each of the color levels. It’s simple to set up and play!

***Please note: The examples on the cards are the same as the examples in the DefCon Worksheets resource.  Additionally, this includes examples that are possibly traumatic for some kids as the resource is meant to help children identify all levels of problems, including at the extreme level.  Please use your best discretion and review all materials before use.***

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