What Do Plants Eat?


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What do plants eat?

Have you ever wondered how trees gain their mass; or what do plants eat?!  Yes, we know they photosynthesize and create glucose… and they don’t actually eat.

But where does their matter actually come from?!  Do sunlight and water make giant, heavy trees?  What do you think?  Any idea about the answer to how they gain matter?

How does it work?

Investigate this mystery and practice using the scientific method with your kids using What Do Plants Eat?  Brainstorm experiments, make alterations using your observations and reinforce what’s been learned.  The PDF links to a helpful video and calculators for related information.

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You may also enjoy this subscriber freebie:  Hyperlinked PDF of curated Youtube videos to enhance your children’s learning about plants

Ever wondered how trees gain mass? what do plants eat?!  Yes, we know they photosynthesize & make glucose... but where does their matter come from?!  I've got printables to help!


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