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3 Free Mini Posters to help deepen self-awareness and label emotions

Developing self-awareness

Do you ever want your kids to tell you how they feel, rather than scream and shout?  There is a lot to that, and there is also just an element of time.  Time needs to pass while their little brains and bodies occur.  You can start to lead them in the right direction, however.
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For a younger or less developed individual, more basic emotions would be the place to start.  For kids who have a mastery of self-identifying their basic emotions, challenge them a little further with this printable of synonyms.  The more they can distinguish between the subtleties and levels of emotion, as well as label it, the better they can apply that information personally.
For example, do you have an “end of the world-er?”  Everything is a major problem, with a major emotion.  Maybe it is that big to them, but you can help coach them through the tough moment by suggesting a different level of an emotional label that they are now familiar with.  The opposite is also true!  When they are too angry, sad, or excited, for example, to put their feelings it into words, help them to label their feelings appropriately by providing an option from this list.

When our children have the communication tools they need, we all benefit.  Self-awareness is a foundational element of all other emotional intelligence!  Enjoy this freebie, and I look forward to any comments or questions!



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