15 Days of Self-Care: Happy Memories

Focusing on Good memories can be key in keeping up your spirits. Hard moments only last for so long & the same goes for the sweet ones. Come check out the easy ways I focus on the good memories for self-care!

Look through old photos & remember happy memories

I love to look through old baby photos and feel that hint of euphoria that comes with seeing my babies’ faces.  Such happy memories.  These sights make my day and recharge me.

I keep old photos as my screen saver because it’s always reminding me that these “sometimes ultra-long days” are flying by faster than I’d wish.  The hard moments will only last for so long, and the same goes for the sweet ones.  I’m reminded that each of the hard phases did, in fact, end even when it seemed like it never would.

Remembering the sweet moments of the past is powerful!

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Of course, there are some photos and memories that can be painful, so if that’s where you’re at, be selective.  Try making a special photo album for this purpose, fill up a digital frame, or set your desktop screen saver on a folder of old photos like mine.  Plan ahead a bit and have your special Self-Care memory box, so to speak.

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When I’m ultra stressed about the giant problems, I also try to remember the times God has performed giant miracles in my life.  That helps me to remain a bit calmer.  I’m thinking of making a painting that somehow incorporates a symbol for each of those moments.

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Your Turn: Do you do any of these things?  If not, do you plan to?


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Author: Jill C

Jill is a Christian, homeschooler, "boy mom", and special needs parent. Jill has ADHD and has learned firsthand how adapting environments can be key to finding success! Her current mission is to empower parents whose desire is to homeschool their special needs children and helping them squash their self-doubt!

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