How to keep a great marriage as special needs parents

Marriage as special needs parents is hard

Maybe I’m just preaching to myself, but I, for one, think it’s dang hard!  All marriages are hard.  All relationships are hard, but marriage as special needs parents has a whole extra set of issues!  My husband and I had so many issues once upon a time, and they definitely were compounded being Autism parents.

Being in the military was difficult, for example, being away from family, deployments, and moves.  Autism amplified all the problems caused by that.  My husband and I were once separated for almost 2 years.    We went from having a pretty toxic set-up to now being very happily married (most days 😂).  We’re not the perfect couple, by any means, but I’d like to share what I’ve learned that help turned this boat around.  Below are 7 of my favorite tools in my marriage toolbox for a successful marriage as special needs parents.

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