How to Minimize Dysgraphia Frustration in Your Homeschool

Struggling with dysgraphia?

We struggle with Dysgraphia too.  Broken pencils became a common sight in our homeschool room, right next to the crumpled paper. Signs of frustration kept popping up daily. Learning doesn’t come easy for all students, and when it’s hard, emotions surface in unusual ways. In our home, broken pencils were a manifestation of dysgraphia.

Dysgraphia, a learning disability, affects handwriting, however, it’s more than messy penmanship. There is a disconnect between the brain and the hand. Not only does the hand struggle to form correct letters, there can also be trouble with spelling, thought processes, sequencing ideas and remembering the full thought while trying to write it. As with other learning disabilities, there are similarities or overlap with them, such as elements of dysgraphia are also found in elements of dyslexia or executive functioning issues.

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