The Best Homeschool Conference with Zero Travel

Looking for a Homeschool Conference without the hassle?

This is the homeschool conference for you then! I’ve always wanted to attend a homeschool conference, and still do, but between military schedules, childcare, and travel expenses, it’s not a reality for me right now.  There aren’t any conferences relatively close to me, let alone in my budget.  So do we just miss out then?  Nope!  There’s a perfect solution to the homeschool conference problem and I’m sharing that with you today!

Why do you need a homeschool convention?

If you’re like me, you don’t know everything in the world about homeschooling.  You’re still learning new tricks every day.  Sure, I know a heck of a lot more than when I started, and I share all of that with you here in the blog, but there is always more to learn.  That’s where a homeschool convention comes in.

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