5 Simple Ways to Encourage Healthy Eating in Picky Eaters

Have you got picky eaters?

I think it’s pretty universally well known that special needs children can be considered by most to be picky eaters.  I know, it’s not so much that they’re just “picky eaters,” but more likely sensory issues and routines adding to the “pickiness.”

Sometimes it’s beyond what we can fix, but I think there’s always a little improvement we can make with our “picky eaters.”  Eating healthy can be a struggle for all of us, honestly.  As adults, we’re tempted daily by the oodles and gobs of food that present itself to us.

In the blink of an eye, we can literally have almost any food item that we want, delivered right to our front door.  Papa John’s recently added GF pizza to their line up, as has Dominoes, so my budget is the only thing keeping me strong there!

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