Homeschool Routines, Rules, and Planner

Have you got homeschool routines going?

Having homeschool routines makes life a lot easier for everyone.  Thing is, it gets tricky when you’re adding so much that everyone is overwhelmed.  When you do it this way, you can’t have everything predictably scheduled.  I’ve mentioned before that’s one of the reasons I like meal planning, and homeschool routines are no different.

I’m a Dave Ramsey girl, and he’s actually the reason I got into this blog.  Or at least he was the one that gave me the courage to follow through.  His name is still a bit of a curse word in our house, but I sure do love him and all his little sayings.

One of my favorites is, “To be unclear is to be unkind.”  Now I can’t recall whether that was his own saying or a borrowed one, but either way, it’s perfect for homeschooling (even more so when dealing with special needs)!

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