Why celebrating Santa Claus may be a huge mistake

Celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus? You may be making a mistake without realizing it. Here are the 3 main reasons why we don't, and what we do instead. #christmas #santaclaus #momlife #christianmom

Do you do the Santa Claus thing?

I’m about to get a ton of unsubscribes and hate mail for this one, I’m almost sure of it… but I am so strongly against Santa Claus.  My mom sheds a tear or two at this and thinks it’s excessive.  I know you too are probably thinking, “WTHeck?Who hates Santa Claus?!”  Stick with me on this because I’ve got 3 good reasons why we don’t celebrate our Christmas with Santa Claus.  I’m going to make my case here, share our alternatives, and how we prevent any problems that arise as a result.

(Please also know that while I think this is best everyone, I am specifically talking to my family in Christ)

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