Using Your Child’s Special Interests To Facilitate Learning

Your child’s special interests are key

For years now, our home has been overrun with fish tanks, reptiles and computers.

My oldest son has been fascinated with fish and aquariums since he was three years old. When he was 12, this fascination expanded to include building computers (because building a computer is a lot like building an aquarium filtration system, but without the stinky water).

My youngest has loved animals of all kinds since before he could walk and has been memorizing every reptile detail and factoid possible since he began to talk.

There’s no escaping it – my children need these interests. It’s part of how they interact with others and often, how they cope with overwhelm. It’s enjoyable for them.

As much as I would prefer a lizard-free, tidy, no aquarium in sight home, I have decided that the best approach is to find ways to support their interests, and sometimes, even use them to my advantage.

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