Tear Free Homeschooling Math Curriculum, This is it!

Math isn’t everyone’s first love in our house

My son is pretty good at math, but a love for math is definitely not there.  If he works really hard at it he can “get it.”  However, it’s difficult and so much effort for him to grasp it.  And if yours are like mine, you know all about mental fatigue in your homeschool!

Obviously, this can happen with any subject, but in our homeschool, math is the biggest issue, followed by writing.  When people email me, these two seem to be the biggest issues for them as well.  I guess most of us are a bunch of right-brained, art loving, history buffs who also love science! 😉

Too bad we all need some kind of math and writing skills right?  It’s like the foundation of learning…  This set me on a journey to try all kinds of methods and styles to see what might work for my son. 

After using Teaching Textbooks with my oldest, they provided me with a second membership for my younger son in exchange for this honest review, and giveaway, of how it’s working out for our whole family of learners.  All opinions are my own.

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Alleviate Your Sensory Challenges with This Tool!

Homeschooling is great for alleviating sensory challenges

We homeschool in part for Cub to have a positive sensory environment so he can focus on learning and not on the sensory challenges he’d have in a traditional classroom. We also make an effort to participate in learning opportunities in our community when we can.  By controlling our sensory diet we can work on his coping skills when we are out and about, facing sensory challenges.

Cub’s Autism shows itself strongly with his sensory sensitivities, things like loud noises and busy crowded spaces can be overwhelming and make him easily agitated and anxious. We have learned many ways we can help him control his sensory input from working with an Occupational Therapist.  Through trial and error, we found the ones that work the best for Cub.

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