The Special Needs bundle you CANNOT afford to miss!

Byb Special needs bundle

Guess what is the number 1 seller this year at BYB2018?

UPDATE! The bundle is coming back for a super short flash sale! Go sign up for a notification for when it starts!

Technically, it’s the mystery bundle. That tells me you are curious folks!  However, of the bundles into which people can look  BEFORE they buy, guess which of THOSE bundles are number 1?… the Special Needs Bundle!

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Why is the special needs bundle selling like crazy?

Because there are amazing resources at 92% off within that bundle. I’m sure the whole homeschooling community doesn’t have special needs children (or do they?! )… btw- This is not JUST for homeschooling families! 

Yet IT is the top selling “I can see what I’m getting” bundle. That tells you something about the quality.

You’ll find resources from me, Homeschooling with Dyslexia and Yellow Wood Success Academy as well!

For only $15

You’ll get $180 in sanity-saving, child-equipping goodness to help you survive and even thrive in your sometimes chaotic days of special needs homeschooling! **Who would turn that down for only $15?** Not many!

Grab this Special Needs bundle at this ridiculously low price before it's too late!!!

Here’s your chance to grab it before you forget and it’s too late. Remember, BYB brings almost exclusively new resources each year, which means this is your ONLY chance to get this for 8¢ on the $1!

**Even less if you do the B2G1 deal! **

This is for all you Autism moms (and dads), and mamas with a multitude of other special needs, like ADHD, Dyslexia, social skills deficits and Dysgraphia as well!

Grab it here before it’s too late! Gah!  You missed it… but you can still grab my personal bundle at a discounted price!


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Author: Jill C

Jill is a Christian, homeschooler, "boy mom", and special needs parent. Jill has ADHD and has learned firsthand how adapting environments can be key to finding success! Her current mission is to empower parents whose desire is to homeschool their special needs children and helping them squash their self-doubt!

2 thoughts on “The Special Needs bundle you CANNOT afford to miss!”

  1. I have a special needs child that is almost 15 years old. I don’t know what would be the best bundle for him he struggles with dysgraphia, ADHD, Autism and other issues. So I try and specialize his homeschool curriculum for him.

    1. Hi Melissa!

      I’m so sorry to say this bundle sale has passed, but I wanted to add that the primary thing is to look at their ability level and learning style when choosing curriculum more than for a specific need. If he has dysgraphia, for example, you can look maybe for something geared towards that as a supplement, but the major stuff can be adapted. Just ask yourself how can you make it work? Maybe you have him write only in sections or have him narrate? I hope that helps! Cathy Duffy’s Top 102 is a GREAT place to start.

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