How to transition back to homeschool after a break

Do you want to be able to take breaks, but don't know how to transition back to homeschool when the time comes? Little ones lose it? Here's what helps us...

Transition back to homeschool without losing it

Our first few days of homeschooling were a nightmare. Torn and crumpled papers thrown every which way. The tears were innumerable… and those were just mine. We started homeschooling after a long summer break with no idea of how to transition back to homeschool.  We had never heard anything about de-schooling or anything similar. This isn’t a post about de-schooling, but a few practical alternatives and tips for transitioning back in from a break.

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1) Make every day learning a part of your lifestyle

We try to do something educational every day, even if the day is an off day. First, it’s just more relaxed and prevents my son from getting out of the habit of learning. Additionally, it’s less of a job most of the time, more so just part of life. We do things like watch documentaries, read together, sometimes we even have drawing prompts.

2) Keep daily routines in place

Additionally, we have Bible study and the rest of our daily routines in place throughout our breaks. I’ve noticed this helps my son transition back into school if it’s the only thing they were adding. If his whole day is changing, it’s a lot harder accepting the return of “normal.”

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3) Preparation for what’s coming

They all say, “Use the timer.”  Always use the timer. This is kind of along that same train of thought. School springing up out of nowhere is kind of rough. I give my son a repeated heads up verbally, and we have a calendar to let him know visually where we are in time. My tip to you- don’t warn them, like it’s all doom and gloom… Like we only have “x many” days left. Just casually remind them, “Oh, one more week until school,” and maybe follow that statement up with something like, “I’m excited to learn about the frog life cycle with you next week.”

4) Year-round homeschool

I know it may be getting all hearing me say this, but I will never be able to sing my praises highly enough of year-round homeschooling. When your kid thrives on routines, this is an ideal fit. It allows them to actually practice having breaks versus having one giant, loooong one. Instead, there is an expected cycle to them that may be more soothing. Not to mention the more frequent breaks throughout the year maybe restorative for both mom and kids. 🙂 Personally, we three get super drained and sick of the daily grind some days. So we all really love seeing our breaks and bonus days off on the calendar throughout the year.

5) Educational Games

I also love the idea of educational games- all the fun, and sneaky learning.  I have to say, as a kid, if I were offered worksheets or games, I’d choose games.  So maybe try doing all games one day, and remove one more game (replaced with regular work) each day until you are back to your normal routine!

Here are some suggestions:

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Your turn: Do you have any helpful tips I missed? Please let us all know in the comments and share this with a friend who needs some help!


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